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Practice Sports and Increase your Happiness!


Today is celebrated the International Day of Happiness , instituted in 2012 by the General Assembly of the UN. Anyway, we are convinced that unfortunately today will not be a happy day for a large part of the world population. But the truth is that happiness has been, is and will be one of the desires most persecuted by everyone, but the most. And one of the best ways to get it is definitely the sport . Not only because we say so, but because there are scientific reasons that corroborate it as we will see later. When you read everything that the sport can do for us, there will be no excuse for not wearing your shoes.

As we have named before, there are numerous studies that demonstrate the generation of happiness through sport. Most are based on the generation of endorphin’s through physical activity. These proteins act as neurotransmitters causing an analgesic and feel-good effect similar to that of opiates. Research indicates that more intense release of endorphin’s is generated when working at greater intensity . But look, this does not mean that we have to carry out continuous over-exertions just to look for this sensation of happiness , not machines! and the only thing we can get is to get injured or overloaded.

The explanation at the physical level is clear, but psychologically the benefits are practically innumerable. First seeing how improving our fitness can give us greater self-esteem . The feeling of overcoming, of feeling that difficulties have been overcome, of facing new challenges, etc. is a “rush” in full rule. This increase in self-esteem can also translate into improved social relationships. Just to name other benefits of sport related to greater happiness say that helps to alleviate anxiety problems , improve memory , increase brain power or be more productive .

So knowing all these benefits What are the excuses for not playing sports?

Among the list of most recurrent reasons we usually find:

– Lack of time
– Difficulties to break with a sedentary life and to generate a habit in the practice of the sport.
– Finding fatigue partners.
– I do not go to this activity because I will make a fool of myself.
– Aiming at me is going to be very expensive.