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Does Arturo Vidal leave the Chilean national team?

The flyer, the author of an autogol this Thursday in the defeat against Paraguay, expressed his fury in social networks and left a question about his future.

A couple of days, Arturo Vidal , concerning the selection of Chile , was s their given of making a party at a casino . Another scandal surrounding the man who crashed a luxurious Ferrari in the Copa America in 2015, which was held in his country and which ended up conquering.

This Thursday he started in the match for the date 15 of the World Cup qualifier against Russia 2018 against Paraguay . A self-goal opened the scoring in favor of the GuaranĀ­ team, which would win 0-3 at the Estadio Monumental de Santiago.

After the defeat, which leaves Chile with 23 points in the fourth position of the tie, Vidal, who denied the said party in the casino, expressed his fury through social networks and left a question about his future.

How to Organize a Soccer Tournament


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