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How to Organize a Padel Tournament


Steps to follow to organize a Padel tournament If you have ever thought about how to organize a Padel tournament you can not miss the post that brings you LEVERADE this week.

The organization of the tournament must have well defined actions to be followed and how they will be done throughout its execution. This will make organizing a Padel tournament not a difficult task.

Those who are interested in organizing a Padel tournament should follow these guidelines.

Once we have clear that the tournament to be organized is Padel we must carry out a call . Along with the call will be contemplated certain elements such as the objective of the tournament, the participants to which the call is addressed, the requirements to be met by these participants, place and manner in which the inscriptions will be made, the rules of the game, the body of judges or referees who will be in charge of sanctioning the competition, the place where the games will take place and the prizes awarded to the winners.

The call must be clear , precise and concise so that the stakeholders fully understand the approach of the tournament.

It consists of four basic parts :

Header. It is formed with the designation of the tournament, the names of the organizers and people who sponsor it.

Invitation. It must include the convener, the summoned and the object of the call.

Body. which is the content of the call. Where several points are specified, among which we can mention: place of the tournament, dates and times of the tournament, categories, registrations, participation requirements, tests, competition system, uniforms (if necessary), expenses, previous meeting , jury of honor, prizes, protests, regulations, etc.

Foot. In it is placed the date and the signatures of the organizing committee that guarantees the accomplishment of the tournament.