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Does Arturo Vidal leave the Chilean national team?

The flyer, the author of an autogol this Thursday in the defeat against Paraguay, expressed his fury in social networks and left a question about his future.

A couple of days, Arturo Vidal , concerning the selection of Chile , was s their given of making a party at a casino . Another scandal surrounding the man who crashed a luxurious Ferrari in the Copa America in 2015, which was held in his country and which ended up conquering.

This Thursday he started in the match for the date 15 of the World Cup qualifier against Russia 2018 against Paraguay . A self-goal opened the scoring in favor of the Guaran­ team, which would win 0-3 at the Estadio Monumental de Santiago.

After the defeat, which leaves Chile with 23 points in the fourth position of the tie, Vidal, who denied the said party in the casino, expressed his fury through social networks and left a question about his future.

Peru does not Abandon the Dream World


The Inca team, who next visit Ecuador, revived in the tie with a 2-1 win over Bolivia.

The choice of Peru returned to the fight for a spot for the World Cup thanks to the 2-1 victory over Bolivia on Thursday , which leads him to sixth place with 21 points, two of the fifth position giving access to the playground, where Argentina is currently . (Draw with defeat taste for Colombia)

Two goals from outside the area of ¬źdison Flores and Christian Cueva, in just four minutes of the second half, managed to break the bolt put by Bolivia to his defense, which at times disrupted Peru, while a goal by Gilbert Alvarez with fifteen minutes to the end put emotion at the end of the match.

Bolivia, seeking to take revenge on the recent decision by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS) not to return the four points made against Peru and Chile in the first round of the qualifying rounds unduly, was left out of a World Cup for Friday consecutive time.

The hosts set out to lock up visitors in their own area but soon pressed all six variants of their starting team with their last game of playoffs, which made their game slow, with very static players and slow transitions. (Will Arturo Vidal leave the Chilean national team?)

That benefited Green’s proposal, crouched in defense but without major complications except a 32-minute shot by Peruvian winger And Carrillo in a hand-in-hand against Bolivian goalkeeper Carlos Lampe, who turned it into corner with a brilliant intervention.


A Successful All-Star game of the local Baseball League


In the duel , the West team defeated 10 -7 to the East set, in a match against a large number of fans who attended the legendary Bob Sullivan Field.

The last time the league held a All-Star Game occurred in 2005, which took place at the Fith Third Ballpark, owned by the West Michigan Whitecaps.
For the West they paraded in the mound Manuel Tatis, AJ Kadzban, who registered the triumph , and closed Gonzalo Gonzylez.

Instead, the East climbed to the scares hill, Robby Pool, Sergio Diaz, who scored the loss; Nestor Vialet, Rodrigo Zarate and the brothers Andy and Tommy Dicks.

The young Ariel Synchez was the MVP of the party when dispatching a homerun of two laps.

Prior to the start of the match the home court competition was held and was won by Chad Matakwicz, who dispatched 7 balls. Chad competed in the final against Lendy Sosa and Ariel Synchez, who hit 5 home runs.

The launch of the first ball was made by sportsman Javier Synchez, founder of the local baseball circuit.

DJ Miky LaPotencia enlivened the stands with a variety of musical genres.

The game schedule for the league follows this Sunday in the Bob Sullivan , will collide Tigers versus D-Back (11:00 am) and Eagles against Athletics (2:00 pm). In the Hilcreest will play Braves before Mariners (11:00 am) and Cubs against Cardinals (2:00 pm).


How to Recover Better After a Game


Continuing with the theme of post-training recovery or party , we continue with this second part of the article, in which we will talk about how to recover our energy reserves and eliminate mental fatigue.

In part 1 of this article we saw that fatigue induced by training or party causes in our body:

1. Muscle pain and suffering
2. Dehydration
3. Emptying of energy reserves
4. Mental fatigue

We also saw how fatigue was produced in sports and at what levels it affected our performance on the track or in the field.

The preparation for the next training or match, starts just finishing the current.

The stress levels reached in the musculoskeletal, nervous, immune and metabolic systems, make post-exercise recovery strategies become indispensable to prepare our body or our players for the next training or match in a league or tournament .

Emptying of energy reserves

It is evidenced that glycogen stores are reduced, close to total emptying, as we approach the end of a football game, so a high carbohydrate diet can help recover them earlier.

Glycogen: main form of storage of carbohydrates in muscles and liver.

Players who have played for a lot of minutes, may be that at the end of the encounter, their reserves of glycogen in the muscles and liver are almost exhausted.

Therefore, we have to take into account if we are in a tournament or league of several days , that these players the next day, will present fatigue before those who have rested or those who have played less minutes, since it has not given them time to fill these reserves. This also happens if the previous day of a game we did a hard training, these reserves will not be full, which will lower the performance of the player.

The optimal time to start recovering these energy reserves is within 2 hours after exercise, since the enzymes associated with glycogen synthesis are more active during this period. (Ivy, Karz, Cutler, Sherman, & Coyle, 1988). The process of recovery of reserves has to continue the next day, cabrohydrates have to account for 60% of the diet of this day.

Meals with a high glycemic level, such as white rice, pasta, bread and potatoes, before bedtime, accelerate this process and increase the quality of sleep. But they should be consumed at least 1 hour before going to sleep. As well, food high in fat, decreases the quality of sleep (7) and this recovery.


How to Organize a Soccer Tournament


This time we bring the solution to all your problems. If you were thinking about organizing a soccer tournament, you do not need to look any further. In this post you will find all the information you need. Discover how to organize a soccer tournament.

We are in the 21st century, and you must understand that the planks on the track are fine but they are not so useful anymore, carrying a smartphone in our pocket . Especially if the playing field is far from us. Luckily, the internet allows us to access a number of online management tools that will make our lives easier, not only saving time management, but improving the experience of player participation. The planks on the track are fine but they are not so useful carrying a smartphone in our pocket

It is likely that you have already considered having a website, a blog and even have already invested time in developing it. If so, you will have realized how expensive it is in both directions and how little functional it is. In addition, it will never be completely up to date and likely to be outdated in a short time . In this site we offer the c reation of your competitions page , always updated with the best organizational tools and mobile applications for referees, players and you Organizers.


How to Organize a Padel Tournament


Steps to follow to organize a Padel tournament If you have ever thought about how to organize a Padel tournament you can not miss the post that brings you LEVERADE this week.

The organization of the tournament must have well defined actions to be followed and how they will be done throughout its execution. This will make organizing a Padel tournament not a difficult task.

Those who are interested in organizing a Padel tournament should follow these guidelines.

Once we have clear that the tournament to be organized is Padel we must carry out a call . Along with the call will be contemplated certain elements such as the objective of the tournament, the participants to which the call is addressed, the requirements to be met by these participants, place and manner in which the inscriptions will be made, the rules of the game, the body of judges or referees who will be in charge of sanctioning the competition, the place where the games will take place and the prizes awarded to the winners.

The call must be clear , precise and concise so that the stakeholders fully understand the approach of the tournament.

It consists of four basic parts :

Header. It is formed with the designation of the tournament, the names of the organizers and people who sponsor it.

Invitation. It must include the convener, the summoned and the object of the call.

Body. which is the content of the call. Where several points are specified, among which we can mention: place of the tournament, dates and times of the tournament, categories, registrations, participation requirements, tests, competition system, uniforms (if necessary), expenses, previous meeting , jury of honor, prizes, protests, regulations, etc.

Foot. In it is placed the date and the signatures of the organizing committee that guarantees the accomplishment of the tournament.


Camilo Villegas, 28th after Third Round of the Northern Trust


The Colombian golfer, good start in the PGA contest, recorded 209 strokes, one under the par of the field.

Camilo Villegas had a great start at The Northern Trust in New York . On Thursday, in the first round, he signed a card of 66 shots, four under the pair of the demanding field of Glen Oaks Club.

However, its performance fell in the following two days and after Saturday, the third, is located in the 28th position, with 209 impacts (-1).

The leader of the tournament, the genius of putt, the young Jordan Spieth. Spith signed an extraordinary card with 64 shots, six under par, to remain solo leader of the tournament with a total of 198 hits, 12 under par.

The Spanish Jon Rahm is third to five blows of the leader after the third day. (-3) for a total of 203 (-7), leaving him third in the standings with Englishman Paul Casey and Americans Patrick Reed and Matt Kuchar.


Spain and Italy Play a Final Thinking about Russia 2018


The Italians need a victory to overcome the Red, because in case of a tie, for the moment, the Spaniards have better goal difference and only the first place of the key gives the direct classification to the World.

Spain faces Italy on Saturday in a qualifying match for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, seeking a victory at the Bernabeu stadium to make it a little more of the Group G European qualifiers.

A Reds triumph would allow him to stand out as a solo leader of the key, leaving the Italians in second with three points of disadvantage, as they are now tied for 16 points but with a better goal difference for Roja ( +18 vs. +14).

“We are not able to guess the future, but we do perceive the transcendence of the party, of course, we do not escape, ” said the Spanish coach, Julen Lopetegui, on Friday at a press conference.

Lopetegui is aware that in the absence of four qualifying matches to play, victories against Italy and Tuesday against Liechtenstein, would not ensure, a priori, finish in first place, but would leave in unbeatable conditions to achieve.

Especially if the Italians fall on Tuesday against Israel.

Doubts in attack

La Roja, like the ‘Azurri’, have won all their qualifiers, except the one disputed in October of last year by both teams, who finished with a 1-1 tie after equaling the Spaniards with a penalty practically at the end of the match (82).

Looking ahead to Saturday, the great news in the Spanish team for this meeting has been the return of veteran striker David Villa (35 years), benefited by the absence of Diego Costa, although it is unlikely to start on Saturday.


The Astronomical Salary of the Contract of Dembel – The New Star of the Barcelona was Leaked


Ousmane Dembel was the great signing of Barcelona for this new season. After the departure of Neymar from the Catalan team, the Frenchman stole all eyes of the Catalan team, who opted for his skills to strengthen the squad. The deal was for 105 million euros and Dembel became the most expensive player in the club’s history. In addition, according to the German newspaper Der Spiegel, the player will earn at least 12 million euros per year.

The magazine says that the data appears in an internal list of Barcelona and that, with bonuses, the annual remuneration of the game could reach even 20 million euros annually. According to the German media, although the former Borussia Dortmund player does not meet the objectives agreed upon in the contract, he will still receive from the Catalan club about 14 million dollars a year fixed.

In addition, it was learned that the Catalan club had to pay 10 million dollars in commissions to intermediaries for the signing of the French player who is advised by agent Moussa Sissoko. Dembel was transferred by Borussia Dortmund to Barcelona for a fixed of 105 million euros that could increase to 147 million.

The magazine “Sport Bild” says that about 30 million of those variables are almost certain as Dortmund would receive that amount if Barcelona qualifies once in the next five years to the Champions League and if Dembel completes 50 official matches.

In addition, according to “Der Spiegel”, always based on “Football Leaks”, the Barcelona would have paid the agent of Dembel a bonus of 9 million euros.


Practice Sports and Increase your Happiness!


Today is celebrated the International Day of Happiness , instituted in 2012 by the General Assembly of the UN. Anyway, we are convinced that unfortunately today will not be a happy day for a large part of the world population. But the truth is that happiness has been, is and will be one of the desires most persecuted by everyone, but the most. And one of the best ways to get it is definitely the sport . Not only because we say so, but because there are scientific reasons that corroborate it as we will see later. When you read everything that the sport can do for us, there will be no excuse for not wearing your shoes.

As we have named before, there are numerous studies that demonstrate the generation of happiness through sport. Most are based on the generation of endorphin’s through physical activity. These proteins act as neurotransmitters causing an analgesic and feel-good effect similar to that of opiates. Research indicates that more intense release of endorphin’s is generated when working at greater intensity . But look, this does not mean that we have to carry out continuous over-exertions just to look for this sensation of happiness , not machines! and the only thing we can get is to get injured or overloaded.

The explanation at the physical level is clear, but psychologically the benefits are practically innumerable. First seeing how improving our fitness can give us greater self-esteem . The feeling of overcoming, of feeling that difficulties have been overcome, of facing new challenges, etc. is a “rush” in full rule. This increase in self-esteem can also translate into improved social relationships. Just to name other benefits of sport related to greater happiness say that helps to alleviate anxiety problems , improve memory , increase brain power or be more productive .

So knowing all these benefits What are the excuses for not playing sports?

Among the list of most recurrent reasons we usually find:

– Lack of time
– Difficulties to break with a sedentary life and to generate a habit in the practice of the sport.
– Finding fatigue partners.
– I do not go to this activity because I will make a fool of myself.
– Aiming at me is going to be very expensive.